Leinster Laser distributes a premium range of sheet materials for rotary and laser engraving. Our range includes laser engravable laminates and acrylics.

Acrylic Mirror-Silver Mirror-Gold Mirror-Rose Gold Mirror
Clear Acrylic-Solid Colors

All our laminate products are especially made for laser engraving.
Our two and three layered materials allow fast and cost effective processing. They support high standards and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Our sheet products are used for many applications.
These include industrial tags and labels, signage, data plates, arts and crafts and much more.


Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Cut to Size, 3M 467 Lamination,
Custom Traffolyte Tags and Labels, Stainless Steel Etching

Cut to Size Service

Standard Sheet size
1220 x 610 mm.

Cut Sizes
610 x 600 mm
610 x 400 mm
610 x 300 mm
Or request sizes to suit your machine bed.
Custom shapes and blanks are also available.

3M 467

3M Double Sided Tape

Exceptional shear strength for metals and plastics.

High resistance to solvents and humidity.

Resists slippage and edge lifting.
Suitable for hot and cold temperatures.

Permanent Metal Marking

Leinster Laser provides an in-house metal marking service.
Metal tags and labels are permanently marked with a high contrast black mark using the latest CO2 technology and metal marking solutions. 
Marking is resistant to Corrosion, Abrasion and Fading.

Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Chrome Plating

Applications, ranging from automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and traceability to the award and  trophy business.

Laser Engraving, Tags and Labels

Industrial labels depending on their location are made from 2 Ply Laser
or LaserEXT laser engraving laminate.
Indoor and outdoor use, UV stable,
We have many thicknesses and colors to choose from.
2 ply and 3 Ply Options

Custom Laser Cutting

We can laser cut a range of materials.
Acrylic, Plywood, MDF, Laminates, Leather, Foam and much more.

Our services are widely used for making signage, control panels, data plates, door signs, arts and crafts, architectural models, model making.

We accept all file formats.
Design assistance available.

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